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Penguin Waddle

Penguin Waddle 2023

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to waddle down Channelside Drive for African Penguin Awareness Day! Scroll down and watch the highlights of Tampa’s Penguin Waddle and Block Party.

  • 12 countries, including Antarctica
  • 60 organizations
  • 1 loud message!

With African penguins facing extinction by 2035, movements like the #NotOnOurWatch campaign, programs like AZA’s African Penguin SAFE, and the public’s voice make a resounding beat to take action.

Learn more about ways you can keep the rhythm going by visiting the Not On Our Watch page.

illustrated penguin with one flipper up and footprints behind it. Underneath the illustration it says penguin waddle in blue and October 14 2023 in balck

More Ways to Help

Help us provide world-class animal care for our colony of African penguins and other critical conservation efforts for the species.

Symbolically Adopt a Penguin

Take home a plush of the South African Black-Footed penguin! Your newfound friend helps to support world-class animal care and conservation

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african penguin standing up and looking left. photo credit steve benjamin


We need YOUR help in the effort to save the African penguin from extinction. Help us raise awareness of the global impact of this matter by contacting the South African Ministry of Forestry & Fisheries via the link below.

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