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A Plan for Expansion

Exhibit Expansion

The Florida Aquarium recently announced a $45-million expansion plan that will include several exciting new experiences; most notably a grand outdoor sea lion habitat. The project includes the addition of a rotating special exhibit gallery, converting the second-floor lobby into to multi-species gallery that features puffins, and a large-scale outdoor exhibit featuring, first time on the west coast of Florida, California sea lions. A significant African penguin habitat will also be part of the outdoor expansion.

Mosaic Exhibit Hall

The Mosaic Exhibit Hall is a continuously changing space creating new experiences for guests and members. With a focus on interpretive exhibits, guests will engage with digital interactives, augmented reality, hands-on activities and, of course, engaging wildlife. The exhibit hall debuted in July 2023 with the MORPH’D gallery. Located in the Aquarium’s new 3,700-square foot special exhibit hall, MORPH’D brings guests on a journey of exploration; introducing a diversity of animals that are perfectly evolved to survive. Featuring curious creatures, interactive exhibits, and multimedia experiences, the gallery serves to encourage learning and spark conservation action. The opening of MORPH’D marks completion of the first of three phases in The Florida Aquarium’s $45-million expansion plan.


mosaic exhibit hall entrance

Rugged Coast

This indoor habitat will transport visitors to the rugged coast and will feature an extraordinary two-level puffin habitat complete with a kelp forest, Atlantic salmon and other larger fish species. Multiple viewing windows measuring over 20’ will allow guests to see the numerous nesting sites and deep dive pool of this 45,000-gallon habitat designed specifically for these beautiful and fun-to-watch birds.

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On a journey that begins in Florida’s shorelines with Stringray Beach, guests are transported to the rugged coast in the newly reimagined second floor mezzanine and culminates with a dramatic two-story puffin habitat. In this new space, guests will engage with as many as a dozen new aquatic habitats – of many shapes and sizes – featuring a diverse collection of animals.

rednering of cylindrical fish habitats

Rocky Shores

Designed to mimic the rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest and Coastal Africa, the habitat will bring California sea lions to the west coast of Florida for the first time and expand our African penguin habitat. A park-like atmosphere for the plaza will enhance an already exceptional experience.

Three separate but interconnected sea lion spaces, which collectively measure over 200,000 gallons, will include both a large main habitat and animal encounter habitat as well as a presentation space including underwater viewing and overlook seating.

The outdoor plaza will include a 39,500-gallon African penguin habitat which will allow for optimal welfare to a colony of up to 30 penguins. A uniquely placed bubble viewing window will be a highlight for young guests.