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Satellite Tracked Sea Turtles

Track Cassi and Epo! The Florida Aquarium invites you to track two rehabbed and released satellite tracked sea turtles. These turtles arrived at the Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Conservation Center in late March along with 14 other turtles as part of a mass cold stun event on Florida’s east coast. After months of rehabilitation and care, they were ready to swim seaward with satellite tracking devices. The satellite tags will provide information about diving, feeding, migratory and activity patterns all while recording corresponding environmental data such as water temperatures. These data points may provide insight to key questions for future research and conservation efforts. Thanks to our partners at the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Verizon and TECO Energy for making this event possible!






See the Tagging Process and Release



All sea turtle rehabilitation work conducted by The Florida Aquarium is done with the approval of (FWC) under conditions not harmful to marine turtles and authorized under conservation activities pursuant to FWC MTP-21-179.


Proud Partners

The Florida Aquarium uses a comprehensive conservation approach that amplifies our expertise, leverages partnerships and maximizes our ability to successfully protect sea turtles and restore their populations. This work cannot be done alone and we are proud to partner with the following agencies and organizations!

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