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Satellite Tracked Sea Turtles

Patient Tracking

The Florida Aquarium believes that our sea turtle rehabilitation efforts do not end when our patients are ready for release, we also strive to ensure that they are able to thrive after their reintroduction. One way we do this is by monitoring their post-release behavior by temporarily applying a satellite tracking tag to their shell. These tags provide critically important information about diving, feeding, migratory and activity patterns all while recording corresponding environmental data such as water temperatures. These data help us better understand our patients behavior after reintroduction and provide key insight for future rehabilitation and conservation efforts.

Meet our rehabbed turtles and track their current location.



Loggerhead sea turtle
Released May 19, 2022

Track Fusa


Loggerhead sea turtle
Released May 19, 2022

Track Monty


Loggerhead sea turtle
Released April 21, 2022

Track Palmer


Green sea turtle
Released August 25, 2021

Track Cassi


Loggerhead sea turtle
Released July 20, 2022

Track Sid

Proud Partners

The Florida Aquarium uses a comprehensive conservation approach that amplifies our expertise, leverages partnerships and maximizes our ability to successfully protect sea turtles and restore their populations. This work cannot be done alone and we are proud to partner with the following agencies and organizations:

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