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Support your Florida Aquarium

Each and every gift to The Florida Aquarium will make a tremendous impact on our organization and our blue planet. Whether you choose to make a general donation or support a specific area within the Aquarium, your support means the world to us.  

When you click the DONATE button below, you will have the option to direct your contribution to the Area of Greatest Need or one of the following areas:


Animal Care 

With over 8,000 animals in our care, animal welfare is top priority at The Florida Aquarium. Your contribution helps feed, provide medicine, health care, and even fun time through enrichment items and programs.


Coast Line Aerial ShotCommunity Impact

The Aquarium is actively involved within our community of Tampa Bay and beyond. We're spearheading critical campaigns, like Skip the Straw, and spreading awareness through consumer resource programs like Seafood Now that educate and enrich the lives of citizens while protecting and restoring our blue planet.


Diver swimming amongst CoralConservation & Research

The Florida Aquarium is working every day to research, and restore coral reefs and was the first facility to grow endangered staghorn coral in managed care. We also serve as a rehabilitation facility authorized by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission for animals in need such as sea turtles. With our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center in Apollo Beach, we will save even more of these imperiled animals.


Education Intern Teaching StudentsLearning 

As part of our mission to educate and inspire stewardship of the natural environment, the Aquarium offers numerous programs to engage students of all ages to protect and restore our Blue Planet.  We achieve this through field trips, camps, outreach, and partnerships.  These programs have allowed students to lean and immerse themselves in the aquatic world.