4-D Theater

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Showings daily from 10 AM - 4:30 PM 


Our 4-D experience combines the visual drama of a 3-D film with a variety of sensory effects built into the seats and theater environment. The 4-D experience brings on-screen images to life with added effects such as bubbles, snow, scent, FX lighting, water mist, seat vibration and wind.

Featured in digital 3-D and brought to life with 4-D multisensory effects, these films will captivate the whole family! Theater capacity is 50 guests per showing with 15-minute films running multiple times per hour. The 4-D theater is located in the Aquarium's outdoor plaza, near The Splash Pad. This experience is included with a general admission ticket purchase.




Storks 4D Experience poster

Storks 4-D Experience®

Storks are no longer in the baby-delivery service… until their factory receives a letter from a young boy who desperately wants a baby brother. Junior, the head delivery stork, and the orphaned human Tulip set out to fulfill his request by delivering the adorable bundle of trouble. The mission is threatened when they are tested by a massive pack of wolves and an old foe of the spunky and energetic Tulip. Presented in captivating 3D with special effects, Storks 4D Experience® delivers the action, laughs and love with a wild and revealing journey that could make more than one family whole and restore the storks’ true mission in the world.

STORKS and all related characters and elements © & TM Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s18)



Shark: A 4D Experience®

Come face to face with some of the world’s most strange and mysterious shark species. These extraordinarily intelligent underwater giants each exhibit unique behaviors to navigate their ever-changing environment. Essential to the fragile balance of our ocean’s health, Shark: A 4-D Experience® explores the complex nature of these magnificent creatures’ survival instincts. Stunning 3-D and special effects place you right in the middle of the action as sharks reveal their hidden traits while roaming an eerily beautiful underwater landscape.

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