Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles


Sea turtles are a barometer of ocean ecosystem health.


sea turtle ocean We need sea turtles

Sea turtles contribute to maintaining species diversity, and ultimately, the health of our oceans. They eat ocean jellies (jellyfish), preventing the large “blooms” that are negatively impacting fisheries, recreation and other marine activities. They keep sponge populations in check, thereby providing more habitat for growing corals. And sea grass beds that sea turtles graze are more productive than those that are not.

Sea turtles need us

Florida’s 663 miles of beaches, tropical climate and warm waters year-round create a great habitat for sea turtles, providing them with abundant food and great nesting beaches. Unfortunately, our love and use of this habitat is making it difficult for turtles to thrive. Given the cumulative changes to their habitat from development, entanglement in trash, altered feeding grounds and being caught by mistake —even off fishing piers in Tampa Bay – all seven sea turtle species are threatened globally.


The Florida Aquarium to the Rescue

From veterinarians and lab technicians to biologists, educators and volunteers, our amazing sea turtle rescue team has already rescued and returned to the sea hundreds of sea turtles. A member of the Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network (STSSN) for the Southeast Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, The Florida Aquarium also invests in public outreach, education and research.


The key areas of our work in Tampa Bay or the Gulf of Mexico include:

  1. An incidental catch survey and rescue program on all public piers;
  2. Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center with an innovative new feeding and diving pool

We believe in working together

Our partners include:

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • University of Florida
  • University of South Florida
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/National Refuge System
  • Florida State Park Service

Our sea turtle work matters to Tampa Bay and beyond

While measures have been put in place to stem the loss of these ancient, important sea creatures, we must do more.  We need to ensure they exist in large enough numbers to be ecologically effective. Please help us complete our sea turtle hospital and expand our outreach efforts.