Horticulture Internship

Horticulture Internship

Horticulture internship

The Florida Aquarium Horticulture internship offers a well-rounded, educational experience working with our Horticulture team within our Biological Operations department.

Specialized internships are designed to provide valuable hands on experience in the care of specific animals and habitats at an AZA accredited, world class facility.

Intern will assist the Senior Horticulturist and Assistant Horticulturist with routine daily care and maintenance of the Florida Aquarium’s plant collection within the Wetlands Dome and the exterior of the property.

  • Aide Horticulture team in mangrove restoration projects in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Aide in opening the Wetlands: watering, pruning, detailed debris cleanup, providing browse and enrichment for the animals, and maintaining the health and appearance of all plants within the habitats.
  • Assist in maintaining the plant nursery and various needs around the property to include: watering plants, cleaning up debris, moving pots, planting plants and checking the overall appearance of the property.


• Must be a college sophomore or higher or up to 6 months post graduate with a GPA of 2.5/4.0 or higher.

• Must be able to work in both a group and individual environment.
• Have a general understanding of working with different types of animals.
• Willingness to do physical labor on a daily basis in sometimes hot/cramped spaces.  

Spring and fall internships are 14 weeks in duration with a minimum of 16 hours per week requirement. Summer Internships are 10 weeks in duration with a minimum of 32 hours per week requirement. At least 1 project must be completed. 

All internships are unpaid.


Apply for an Internship

Please visit our main internship page at www.flaquarium.org/internships for application instructions.