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Hiss & Tell

Hiss & Tell

Seeing red this Valentine’s Day? Have you been picking up the pieces of the mess they made? From now through February 14, you can symbolically name one of The Florida Aquarium’s snakes after your ex or someone else who has rained on your parade. Did your ex really do you wrong? Get the ultimate revenge by symbolically adopting a Burmese python.

Name a Snake

When you symbolically name a snake, you’ll receive a commemorative certificate and photo of the snake.

Need to clear the air? Along with your donation, send a message with words you wish you had said. Amusing, family-friendly confessions will be posted with anonymity on The Florida Aquarium’s social media. Don’t worry – we’ll never “Hiss & Tell” who sent them!

burmese python with tongue out

Adopt a Snake

When you symbolically adopt a Burmese python, you will receive an adoption certificate, animal plush, animal fact sheet, and photo of the snake. Your donations helps us provide world-class animal care.