Evening Tide Talks

Evening Tide Talks


Evening Tide Talks

Please join us for our lecture series, featuring world-class scientists and modern day marine adventurers. The Evening Tide Talks series at The Florida Aquarium is presented by Wells Fargo.

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Upcoming Tide Talk

Lessons Learned from Exploring the Deep


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dr. Heather Judkins

University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Department of Biological Sciences

Heather Judkins is a marine biologist who has had a deep connection with the ocean throughout her life. While growing up, she was fortunate enough to explore Florida during winter breaks and a Canadian lake during summer vacations. She quickly knew she would pursue a career in marine science. Her undergraduate degree in Marine Affairs was awarded from the University of Rhode Island, after which she traveled to Florida to teach marine science at a local high school. She received a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University and a doctorate from the University of South Florida (2009). She is currently at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg as an Associate Professor in Biological Sciences, teaching undergraduate courses and advising master’s degree students.


Cephalopods- squid and octopus, are the invertebrates that captured Heather’s attention in 2003, and she’s been working with the group ever since. She is a co-principal investigator with the DEEPEND Consortium, a deep-sea exploration program of the midwater column from the surface to 1,500 meters deep in the Gulf of Mexico. Since 2007, she has been to sea numerous times for various research initiatives. She has conducted marine mammal research, as well as multiple cruises focusing on her cephalopod-related projects. 


In her talk, Heather will share lessons learned and some unexpected finds from her journeys. Join us as she discusses unique cephalopod adaptations and memorable moments, while also sharing some “giant” findings from her most recent Gulf of Mexico cruise that led to breaking news in June 2019’s New York Times! 


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