Education Internships

Education Internships

Prerequisites for All Education Internships:

  • Applicants must be a college sophomore or higher or up to 6 months post graduate with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

  • Working towards a bachelor’s degree in marine biology, biology, education, environmental science, communication, interpretation or related discipline.

  • Reliable transportation to and from The Florida Aquarium.

  • Some contact with a living collection of plants and animals in a central Florida climate.

  • Flexibility to work weekends, holidays and evenings

Guest Engagement Internship

During this internship you will hone your skills in the interpretation (informal education) field by learning how to create, evaluate, and facilitate the educational programming offered by The Florida Aquarium.

Our Guest Engagement interns will be responsible for the instruction of educational public programs in all public areas of the Aquarium. A few examples include monitoring our touch experience habitats, engaging in informal engagement with guests on the pathway, offering scripted talks at set times during the day, and leading activity tables during special events.

Tasks & Qualifications

  • Teaching and/or public speaking experience preferred
  • Standing (up to 6 hours per day)
  • Walking (6 hours per day)
  • More than normal talking
  • Public speaking
  • Some contact with a living collection of plants and animals in a central Florida climate
  • Ability to interact with and be around animals
  • Exposure to marked changes in temperature and humidity
  • Exposure to salt water

This position’s schedule requires availability on at least one weekend day for the duration of the internship.

Education Instructor Internship

Our Education Instructor interns will be working both in the field, with our Watershed Investigations field trip program, and onsite, analyzing a variety of data collected during the program. The Watershed Investigation program gives underserved 5th grade students the chance to examine biodiversity and water testing protocols at our satellite location in Apollo Beach, Florida.

Education Instructor interns will be given the opportunity to develop a number of skills related to classroom management and logistics. These interns will also assist our instructors with onsite school programming and evaluation.

Tasks & Qualifications

  • Comfortable working outside for long periods of time
  • Able to stand and/or walk for extended periods of time
  • Good public speaking skills
  • Comfortable working with children of all ages
  • Proficient in simple data analysis (comfortable with Microsoft Excel)

This position’s schedule requires two weekdays, Monday through Friday, with morning hours preferred.

Education Animal Care Internship

This position is only available during the summer term. Applications for this position will be reviewed only for the summer term of each year.


Our Education – Animal Care internship offers a well-rounded experience working with the Animal Care team in our Education department. This specialized internship is designed to provide valuable hands-on experience in the care of specific animals and habitats at an AZA-accredited, world-class facility.

Education – Animal Care interns are responsible for assistance with a variety of educational programs and daily outreach animal care. 


  • Cleaning and maintaining the education ambassador animal habitats
  • Feeding the education ambassador animals and diet prep
  • Interacting with The Aquarium visitors on the exhibit pathway and or tabling events
  • Assist with education outreach in the community


  • Must be able to work in both a group and individual environment.
  • Have a general understanding of working with different types of animals.
  • Willingness to do physical labor on a daily basis in sometimes hot/cramped spaces.  
  • Willingness to work with mammals, birds, reptiles (snakes and crocodilians), amphibians, fish, and invertebrates (tarantulas etc.).
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office software.

Apply for an Internship

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