Center for Conservation

The Florida Aquarium’s Center for Conservation is Underway! 


We want to save sea turtles, coral and shark species, along with so many others in our lifetime; that’s a lot of work, collaboration and diving! To expand our conservation efforts, we are constructing the Center for Conservation. This new 20-acre campus was generously donated to us by Tampa Electric Company (TECO) and is part of a 400-acre conservation outpost situated on a restored nature preserve on Apollo Beach.  Here’s what we’re building:

A Sea Turtle Hospital: When completed, this 17,000-square-foot facility will allow us to amplify our sea turtle rescue and recovery efforts. Guests will be able to view our turtles in various stages of rehabilitation as we pilot new dive and feeding pools that will assure their readiness for return to the ocean.

A Coral Ark Nursery:  These living labs or, “arks,” will comprise a nursery where various species of stony coral and long-spined urchin, all considered critical for coral reef building, are studied and grown.

Shark and Ray Research Station:  Not much is known about many important species of sharks and rays, so we are designing a state-of-the-art facility to answer questions that will help create sustainable populations in managed care as well as insure they also exist in healthy populations in the wild.


There’s Lots to Do at the Outpost Now! 

Love to kayak? Sign up for our kayak tour that takes you into the heart of Tampa Bay’s mangroves and along an estuary which is teeming with wildlife.  

Is hiking your thing? Tampa Electric Company has generously donated the land for our center and has made its 400 acres of habitat available for exploration!

Are you an animal enthusiast? There are plenty of wildlife encounters!  Take in some incredible sightings at the bird tower, spy manatees at the TECO Manatee Viewing Center and observe and touch stingrays at our Cownose Cove.

Love to learn?  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has opened a 6,000-square-foot Sun Coast Youth Center which overlooks a fishing lake and boasts an interpretive center, as well as indoor and outdoor classrooms!


Visit today, support our building projects and become an inspired protector of what we love in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.