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Mother's Day BOGO Admission

Spend this Mother's Day weekend experiencing the wonders of Mother Earth with those who mean most!

This Mother’s Day weekend, enjoy two-for-one admission to The Florida Aquarium!

To receive this offer, please purchase tickets in person at the Aquarium ticket booth on Saturday, May 7 or Sunday, May 8.

One free admission per one paid admission.  Not valid with other discounts or coupons.  

Check out the below fun facts about animal mothers and see if you can spot some of these animals throughout the aquarium!

  • After a hen (female octopus) lays eggs, she guards them for weeks or months to prevent attack by predators, never once leaving them alone. Giant Pacific Octopuses can lay up to 100,000 eggs.

  • River otter mothers care for their pups for six months to a year and have a new litter every year for approximately 15 to 20 years!

  • Did you know that clownfish can change sex? In a clownfish community, there is only one female, the largest fish. This alpha female cohabitates with smaller male fish that take care of the young and defend her. If the alpha female dies, the largest male fish will becomes a female and takes her place.

  • Ring-tailed lemur offspring are cared for entirely by the mother, spending the first two weeks of their life riding on their mothers’ underbellies, and the following two on their mothers’ backs! Female lemurs have also been known to care for other female’s offspring. They say it takes a village!