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#CreateWaves in Ocean Conservation!

We want to see your creative side! In partnership with Adobe’s #CreateWaves campaign, we encourage you to create a work of art based on one of the 7 Principles of Ocean Literacy. Whether your medium is paints, fabrics, scrapbooking, or digital, we want to feature your creativity!

Check out the 7 Principles of Ocean Literacy here, then #CreateWaves using one of the options below!

Submit your artwork to socialmedia@flaquarium.org

Ocean Decade Photo

1. Our ocean is the only one we have

We’ve only got one ocean and one chance to take care of it. What happens in this one part of the ocean impacts the entire ocean.

Ocean Decade Photo

2. The ocean controls the climate & weather

It’s absorbing 93 percent of climate change heat. If it gets too warm, the ocean will lose its ability to protect us.

Ocean Decade Photo

3. The ocean makes Earth home

Earth is only habitable because of the ocean. If it wasn’t hard at work stabilizing global temperatures, and producing the oxygen, water and food we need, living on Earth could be as difficult as living on Mars.

Ocean Decade Photo

4. The ocean is home to most life on Earth

There are many fish, mammals and plants in the sea, and that works in our favor. The ocean is the planet’s largest carbon sink hole. How? When any ocean creature defecates or dies, the carbon is safely stored at the bottom of the ocean and is kept away from our atmosphere.

Ocean Decade Photo

5. Your health depends on a healthy ocean

Beyond producing 70% of the oxygen we breathe, the ocean controls the weather and provides the water we drink and use to grow food. It’s also an integral part of the world economy and the livelihood of billions of people.

Ocean Decade Photo

6. Our world is shaped by the ocean and ocean life

Our ocean is powerful enough to carve mountains and it is powerful enough to help save the world. Ocean systems work at an epic scale that can be used to solve huge environmental issues.

Option 1: Using Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Remix Adobe Designs to create your own work of art!

Option 2: Create an ocean-inspired self-portrait

Use one of the 7 Principles of Ocean Literacy to create your own unique self-portrait!


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