Today, our ocean, complete with her many smaller oceans and seas, is under threat from many complex issues: acidification and pollution to climate change and overfishing.  To save her, The Florida Aquarium starts working right in our own blue backyard —Tampa Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. 


Thanks to a grant from our friends at Florida Blue, The Florida Aquarium's Animal Response Team can expand efforts to protect and restore endangered marine life, creating a healthier, natural environment and healthy planet.

We work to protect and restore animal species and their habitats

We focus on three animals that play enormous roles in managing our blue backyard:

  • Sea turtles — because they are barometers of marine health;
  • Sharks — because they are essential top-down managers of marine ecosystems; and
  • Coral — because they are building blocks of marine habitats and oxygen-giving marine organisms.

We also elevate and expand our reach through rescuing injured birds, supporting swallow-tailed kite population research and providing funding for important conservation programs for threatened and endangered animals in our collection such as penguins and lemurs.


The animals in our care are key to our conservation efforts

Many of these species and dozens of others, also live at The Florida Aquarium. Our priority is to provide our animal family with a great life, which includes a full wellness program that provides excellent health care, specialized nutrition, other animals with which to interact  and plenty of room to roam to suit their natural behaviors. While we expand our knowledge about them, you can too, while connecting in positive, safe and inspiring ways.


We believe in working together 

We are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), an international community of more than 230 organizations focused on saving wildlife and wild places.  Also, we partner with universities, NGOs and individuals to more efficiently and quickly find the pieces of the puzzle that will help restore the health of our oceans.


Our work matters to Tampa, Florida and our blue planet

We are passionate, committed and fired up about protecting and restoring our piece of the blue planet. There is no question in our minds, we can and we must do this. 

We hope you’ll join us and take these actions that can help make a difference immediately:

Participate in beach and river clean ups.

Use natural products that will not harm our aquifers and ocean.

Vote for pro-marine conservation legislation.

Eat only sustainable seafood … check out Seafood Now.

Support our conservation work in Tampa Bay and beyond!

Share The Florida Aquarium’s news on social media with your friends.

Stop using single-use plastics such as straws and plastic bags, and reduce buying items in plastic packaging as much as possible.