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The Florida Aquarium is dedicated to the education of the importance of sustainable seafood choices and responsible fishing practices. For many years, it was believed that our oceans had enough resources to replenish the fish we took and to filter out the toxins we allowed to enter through waste, water run-off and irresponsible dumping practices. The truth of the matter is we are quickly depleting our main fisheries, and many estimates say the world could lose wild seafood as a food source in the next 40 years if left unchecked.  

Fortunately we can all do something about it right now! Both individuals and industries can become better educated and make more responsible decisions when it comes to the seafood we choose to eat and the manner in which we allow them to be fished.

The choices we make as consumers will help dictate the decisions made by large-scale fishing industries. Through responsible fishing practices we can ensure that this highly nutritious and important global resource remains for generations to come. 


Why Choose Sustainable Seafood?


Your choices drive the seafood market!

As a consumer, choosing sustainably sourced seafood for your meals lends support to companies in the fishing industry that employ responsible, best practices for fishery management. These practices include minimizing damages to our precious coral reefs, ensuring that ocean populations do not become depleted, and minimizing or eliminating pollution associated with farmed seafood options. As consumer preference for sustainable seafood continues to grow, grocery stores and restaurants will need to offer sustainably sourced options to meet demand, and this demand in turn puts pressure on the fishing industry to improve management practices in order to supply sustainable options. 


Consumer sustainable seafood and guides

Visit our Consumer Sustainable Seafood Guides page to download sustainable seafood guides for Florida, and view some delicious recipe options for your next meal!

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Seafood Now | Business Partners

The Florida Aquarium's Seafood Now program is developing partnerships with businesses and restaurants across the Tampa Bay area to promote sustainable seafood options in our community. Through this partnership, participating restaurants have committed to offering sustainably sourced seafood choices for customers. 

The Florida Aquarium's Seafood Now program invites all restaurants with seafood on their menu to learn more about the best choices when it comes to serving seafood. The program provides useful and applicable information on making smart business decisions. While making a positive impact on our fisheries is an integral aspect of the program, giving restaurants the best tools for responsible business decisions is equally important. 

Send us an email to learn more about how your business can partner with Seafood Now to help preserve our oceans! Please include a brief description of your business, and your contact information to discuss the partnership further.

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