Seafood Now Council

Seafood Now Council


The Florida Aquarium continues its role as educator and steward of our marine ecosystems with endeavors to promote healthy oceans, sustainable seafood and responsible fishing practices. All of these elements play a pivotal role in the future of Florida's tourism, commercial and recreational fishing industries. With informed communities working towards protecting these fragile systems we can ensure they have a long and healthy life.

The Seafood Now Council is tasked with creating, coordinating and hosting local events, research efforts, programs and promotions, both internal and external to The Florida Aquarium, creating awareness and addressing commercially viable solutions to the growing need of sustainably sourced seafood.

From education programs incorporated into the everyday mission of the Aquarium, to seafood industry forums, to culinary events designed to create consumer awareness, the goal of the Seafood Now Council is to understand issues at the root of the problem. The Council also seeks to explore and present options and opportunities to all participants and stakeholders in the seafood (value) chain.  



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