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Full-Day On Location Camps
Completed Grades 2-3 (Ages 8-9)

For the child who’s serious about sharks, amazed with amphibians or simply obsessed with the ocean, our full-day summer camps will be a huge hit! Camps include science explorations, tours of the Aquarium, a field trip, a live animal encounter, arts and crafts, and splash time at The Splash Pad (weather permitting) and more. All on-site camps are taught by experienced educators.

Pricing Details:

  • 4 day $185 members, $225 non-members
  • 5-day $230 members, $280 non-members


May 31- June 3 (4-day camp)
Join us for icky science and animals that might make you go “ewww.” Travel to Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa to discover some messy creatures in our own backyard.

Operation Conservation

June 6-10
Incoming mission… code name: Operation Conservation! We need your help to protect plants and animals around the world. Travel with us to the Florida Conservation and Technology Center in Apollo Beach for more mission details.

Marine Mammalogy

June 13-17
There are many fish in the sea, and mammals too! Learn about a variety of marine mammals that live most of their lives in the water. Take a trip to ZooTampa to see mammals in action.

Incredible Invertebrates

June 20-24
Crabs have an exoskeleton, snails carry a shell, and jellies float in the current. Learn about adaptations that allow animals without bones to survive. Visit Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo to learn more about local invertebrates.

Flying Frenzy

June 27-July 1
From insects to birds to bats, learn about living things that fly. Find out what makes these animals adapted for air travel. Discover local flyers while visiting Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg.

Sunshine State of Mind

July 5-8 (4-day camp)
Florida is an amazing state with animals everywhere. Learn how you can help protect our native species. Enjoy the Florida weather with a visit to Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Petersburg to discover more about our local wildlife.

To the Extreme

July 11-15
Join us for a week full of extreme animals! Learn about ways animals have found to survive in some of the world’s wildest habitats with a trip to Busch Gardens.

Fact or Fiction: All about Sharks

July 18-22
There are many myths about sharks, and we need your help to sort fact from fiction. Discover why sharks are important during a week all about sharks. Travel to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium to see some of these predators up close.

Ancient Florida

July 25-29
Journey back in time throughout Florida’s geological history. Explore fossils left behind by ancient creatures that once roamed this area. Venture out to The Mulberry Phosphate Museum to dig up some fossils of your own.

Sand and Sea

Aug 1-5
As summer comes to an end, explore the sand and sea with us. Learn about beach and coastal habitats and the many animals that call Florida home. Travel to Fort De Soto Park in St. Petersburg to enjoy a beach day in the summer sun!