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Marine Science Educational Activities for PreK, Elementary, and Middle School Students (and up)  


Looking for some fun and educational activities to do right at home? Check out these options and remember to keep coming back to see what we have added!

Sea Anemone Label Activity 

Recommended for grades 5 and above

Label the main parts of a sea anemone. Challenge yourself to see if you can remember 10 body parts.


Shark Anatomy Label Activity

Recommended for grades 3 and above

Using a word bank, challenge yourself to see if you can identify the main body parts of a shark.



Shark Tooth Matching Activity

Recommended for grades 1 and above

See if you can match the tooth to one of four species of shark.



Coral Polyp Cupcakes

Recommended for grades K and above

Learn about coral polyps forming a coral reef, using cupcakes to demonstrate how the individual polyps form a larger reef.



Food Web in a Bag

Recommended for grades PreK and above

Using simple materials, challenge yourself to match animals with their preferred food sources.



Household Item Challenge

Recommended for grades 3 and up

Through reviewing a number of common items that many of us use daily, challenge yourself to see how many of them contain ingredients from the ocean or from a rainforest.



Shark Glasses Craft

Recommended for all ages

You’ll be swimming in style if you wear these sea shades!



Shark Senses Activity

Recommended for grades PreK and above

Do you have seven senses? Explore shark senses, including two that humans do not have!



Shell Dig Activity

Recommended for grades PreK and above

Brush up on your ABC’s along with your ocean vocabulary.



Water Races Activity

Recommended for grades 2 and above (based on science vocabulary), but fun for all ages!

How quickly can you race a drop of water from the starting line to the finish? Using a laminated* racetrack, see if you can stay in the lines while still making it quickly to the end.


*This activity will also work with a sheet protector in place of lamination, and it can also work with clear packing tape over the main racetrack.