Annual Membership Benefits

Annual Membership Benefits


Membership Benefits

  • Primary members (those listed on your membership card) are limited to members of a single household.
  • Primary members must be 16 years of age or older and provide photo ID.
  • A primary member named on your Membership card MUST be present each time your Membership is used.
  • A primary member must be present for children to enter the Aquarium.
  • Please present your Annual Membership card at the entrance along with a photo ID.
  • The name on the ID must match the information on your Annual Membership.
  • If you have two primary Members listed on a Membership and only one primary Member is present, that does NOT create an additional guest space.
  •  Individual Memberships are limited to one (1) named primary Member; all others can name up to two (2) primary Members.

Membership Card

  • The Aquarium is now offering Digital Membership Cards as an added benefit. Once you have purchased a Membership, you will receive an email with your Digital Membership Card to download onto your mobile device. Click HERE for Digital Membership Card FAQs.
  • Members can also pick up a printed membership card at the Member Services Desk located in the Aquarium's Lobby. 
  • Until you receive your card, you can present your receipt for your Membership payment or a photo ID as Membership validation for parking and admission to the Aquarium. 
  • Memberships expire 365 days from date of purchase.
  • Memberships are NOT transferable, refundable or valid for resale. Memberships are valid for only those listed on the card and their guests accompanied guests.

Nanny / Caregiver Information

  • As a courtesy to our Members, we allow one (1) named adult to be listed in our system as a Nanny/caregiver.
  • The Nanny is only permitted to bring in Members’ children up to the number of guest spaces on your Membership.
  • The Nanny will not be listed on the Membership card, and MUST show his/her photo ID to the parking attendant and at Guest Services for entry.
  • A Nanny may come in place of a primary Membership cardholder. If the Nanny accompanies the primary cardholder, a guest spot must be available on the Membership for the Nanny to gain free entry to the Aquarium under the Membership.
  • If a Nanny is not listed in our system, we will not be able to admit him/her into the Aquarium without a primary Member calling or coming in person to add them to the Membership.
  • Please note: children’s names are not listed on the card. 

Members Park for Free

PLEASE NOTE: Free member parking is subject to availability, as parking can reach capacity during peak seasons.
  • The Florida Aquarium’s parking lot is accessible daily 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM while visiting the Aquarium.
  • Show your membership card and photo ID to the parking attendant for free entry.
  • If you have guests in additional vehicles, they must pay for their parking.
  • Overnight parking is strictly prohibited.

Annual Membership Events and Programs

The Florida Aquarium is pleased to offer special events and previews to our members. In addition, you will be informed of a variety of educational programs and activities including sleepovers, classes, lectures and field trips. You will receive information regarding special events and programs via email.


As an Annual Member, you may bring your additional guests (those not covered by your Memberhip) directly to the Guest Services Desk to purchase their tickets. Your guests will not have to stand in the regular ticket line. Additional guests will receive a $3 per ticket discount on Aquarium admission.

Daily hours of operation 9:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Primary members (those named on the membership) are limited to a single household. Other restrictions may apply. Memberships are NOT transferable, refundable or valid for resale. Annual Memberships are valid for only those listed on the card and their accompanied guests. Annual Membership free admission benefit does not apply when members visits as part of a school group, class tour, or other organized group visit. Seniors, Teachers (K-12 in Florida only), and Homeschool Families receive special discounts on Annual Membership. For more information, please call (813) 273-4030 today!