Swim with the Fishes

Swim with the Fishes, an in-water reef experience, gives guests 6 and older an adventure on a replica of one of the Florida Keys' most beautiful coral reef dive sites without being a certified SCUBA diver! 




During this introduction to diving, guests wear a small SCUBA tank, regulator and floatation device keeping them on the surface. This allows our guests to experience the thrill of SCUBA diving from the surface, while enjoying all of the sights a thriving coral reef has to offer.


The Coral Reef Gallery simulates an actual reef in the Dry Tortugas near Key West, Florida. During the Swim with the Fishes, guests become the main attraction! This manmade reef is home to a vibrant community of fish including moray eels, a prickly porcupine fish, colorful surgeon fish and much, much more! While you get up close and personal with the fishes, friends and family can watch from our exhibit pathway.



  • Participants must be at least 6-years-old and be comfortable in the water;
  • Children under 9-years-old must have a paying in-water parent or guardian participate;
  • Can accommodate up to 5 swimmers at a time;
  • No previous training or experience is necessary. 
swim with the fishes florida aquarium


Swim with the Fishes introduces you to the world of SCUBA diving in a controlled environment with crystal clear waters. Through this interactive experience, you'll learn about the importance of our aquatic neighbors during a 20-minute surface swim in the Coral Reef Exhibit. Immerse yourself and breathe in the experience!


SAFETY: The program gives participants the experience of scuba diving with the security of snorkeling (all participants stay on the surface of the water at all times. The equipment is configured to prevent participants from descending below the surface.) This program is operated within the highest standards of recreational diving. The Florida Aquarium dive team is professionally trained to supervise recreational diving activities by NAUI (The National Association of Underwater Instructors), a worldwide recognized scuba training and certification agency.


COST: $75 per person, which includes Aquarium admission for participant. Children 6-8 years old must have a paying adult swim with them. Members of The Florida Aquarium - $65 per person. Call for group rates.


WHEN: Swim with the Fishes is offered daily at 9:00am.


WHAT TO BRING: Towel, a bathing suit and a sense of adventure!

FAQ: For a list of the Frequently Asked Questions - including information for guests needing special accommodations please click here


For more information call 813.273.4015. Advanced reservations are required.


SPONSORED BY NAUI, The National Association of Underwater Instructors