Penguin Promenades

Penguin Activities

Come see The Florida Aquarium's most popular aquatic bird, the African black-footed penguin!

We cordially invite our guests to come see our penguins strut their stuff down a red carpet, at the Penguin Promenade located by the panoramic window in the Coral Reef Gallery, daily at 2:45 p.m. and allow these adorable animals an opportunity to meet you face-to-beak!

You never know which penguin you might meet as the aquarium has 8 exciting and energetic penguins!

These endangered penguins typically live in colonies on 24 islands between Namibia and Port Elizabeth, Africa. They are monogamous, often paring up year after year, and have been known to stay with the same mate for as long as 10 years. Their diet consists of sardines, anchovies (not on pizza), squid and herrings. The incubation period lasts about 40 days with the male and female taking equal turns on incubation duty. The length of these shifts last about two and a half days.
Penguins have shiny, waterproof feathers that help keep their skin dry. Their feathers are extremely dense, with about 70 feathers per square inch. If you are fascinated with penguins, you can get even closer with a Penguins: Backstage Pass!