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Daniel Marshall

Daniel's music combines the transparency and simplicity of great folk lyrics with his own blend of modern country songwriting with a sense of style from rock. From his summer anthems to heartbreak confessions, his positive outlook throughout all of life's stages is contagious. While holding true to his musical roots, Daniel B. manages to create a universal, accessible sound for his simple goal of being a "songbird for everyone." Learn more about Daniel.


Tom Sartori


Tom Sartori started his music career at a the age of 12, in a small suburb of Buffalo, NY. Thats when his father, Tom Sr., started teaching him to play guitar.  It wasn’t long after that that young Tom found himself on stage playing trumpet in his fathers wedding band. Learn more about Tom.



Casey Stidham

Casey Stidham is a native of Florida. He grew up listening to and appreciating multiple genres of music including country, classic rock, R&B, funk and soul. He strives to incorporate a little bit of each type of music in every show he performs and claims that his audience members never know what they might hear next!