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Water Wheels
We Come to You!

The Water Wheels Program is a favorite of many teachers and community program leaders. It provides participants with a hands-on opportunity to learn about animals and environmental science right at their school or facility. Children are more likely to remember lessons when they can touch and see animals.

See program descriptions in AquaVentures

Scheduling Traveling School Programs

image descriptionStep One: Choose Your Water Wheels Program. Read over the AquaVentures brochure for program options. Our programs align with Sunshine State Standards

image descriptionStep Two: Request Your Program Date
Fill out this simple form to request your date or call us at (813) 273-4015.


  • image descriptionStep Three: Prepare for Your Program
    Read over your e-mail confirmation materials.  Also, check out our Classroom Preparation Guide.  *Please note: Water Wheels programs must be held indoors.*

School Year Programs

• Pre K-K programs are 30 minutes, Terrestrial and Aquatic Animal Ambassadors and Secrets of the Swamp are 30 to 60 minutes, and Bayside Discoveries is 90 minutes.


• $195 for first program/$150 for each additional program; same day,

same site, same program/plus mileage within 75 miles of The Florida



• The Bayside Discoveries program fee is $220 for the first

program/$180 for the second program/plus mileage from The Florida

Aquarium. Due to the length of this program, we can only do a

maximum of 2 programs/day.


• Registration for Water Wheels programs must be made at least

two weeks in advance. Full payment is due two weeks prior to your

scheduled program.


• There is a maximum of three programs per visit. Our aquatic animal ambassador program has a two program per day limit.


• Please note that many of our animals are used in multiple programs.


• The Bayside Discoveries program uses the field study approach to
marine science. Please see program descriptions for more details.


Summer Programs

Can't make it to the Aquarium this summer? We can come to your camp! Water Wheels is a favorite to many! Students will have an opportunity to meet a variety of the Aquarium's animal ambassadors without having to leave the comfort and safety of ther summer program environment. Choose from terrestrial or marine theme. Programs are 45 - 60 minutes.

Price: $195 for first program and $150 for additional program. Plus $0.50 per mile to and from your location within 75 miles of The Florida Aquarium.

  • Registration for Water Wheels programs must be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Full payment is due two weeks prior to the scheduled program.
  • Maximum of three programs
  • 75 students maximum per program K-8th Grade; 40 students maximum per program Pre-K


Contact the Education Department

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Phone Number: 813-273-4015