Make the Most of Your Field Trip

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Reservations are required for school groups visits. It is recommended that you contact the Reservations Office to reserve tickets and programs at least two weeks prior to your visit.  Click here to reserve your trip today!


Be sure to meet with chaperones/adults prior to your visit so that expectations are known. A ratio of at least 1:10 is recommended. Unescorted student groups are not permitted in the Aquarium for the safety of both the students and the animals. Please be sure that adults have assigned student groups. You will receive more detailed chaperone information in your confirmation packet. Teachers are counted as chaperones on field trip day.


Print a chaperone guide from the "Teacher Materials" page prior to your visit so that students have a guided focus. Without prior preparation, students may quickly tour the exhibits and miss some of the excitement!


Pick up a program schedule upon arrival so that you can include a dive program, animal show or animal feeding.


Add a program, such as a Behind the Scenes tour, to enhance your visit. Call for information or reservations.


To be fair to all school and camp groups, to insure the safety of our guests, and because of limited capacity, your educational group rate does not include admission to Splash Pad, our outdoor water adventure zone.


Eating areas are available at the Aquarium. We now have storage space for your lunches! Please bring them in coolers labeled with your school's name. Check with your greeter upon arrival to schedule a lunchtime. Make lunchtime easier with tasty, nutritious lunches ordered from Café Ray. Please click here for the box lunch order form and ordering instructions. Food and drink, including chewing gum, are prohibited on the exhibit path.


For further information, please contact Education Reservations at 813-273-4000 ext 4015 or e-mail us at






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