For the safety of our guests, the Splash Pad, our outdoor children's play area, is closed until summer 2017 as we renovate our outdoor plaza area. We apologize for any inconvenience.


"Tanks to the Ocean!" Webisode Series

The Florida Aquarium has embarked on a new venture… developing and sharing online episodes called "webisodes." Each video has a different focus where we take you on a journey to discover the natural world above and below the water's surface! Learn about sharks, sea turtles, oysters, fishes of the wetlands, marine mammals, and coral!

This innovative project was funded by The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and produced by Shot Locker Productions.




Webisode 1 - "Sharks"


Webisode 2 - "Sea Turtles"


Webisode 3 - "Operation Oyster"



Webisode 4 - "Fishes of the Wetlands"


Webisode 6 - "Mammals"

Webisode 7 - "Coral Reef Restoration"