Tanks to the Ocean!
An innovative project funded by The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation
The Florida Aquarium is embarking on a new venture… developing and sharing online episodes called “webisodes.” Set to debut in January, 2014, each webisode will have a different focus:
  • Sharks!
  • Sea Turtles
  • Fishes of the Wetlands
  • Oysters and Food Webs
  • Mammals
Check back often for updates on release dates for each webisode!

Live Broadcast
On Tuesday April 8th at 10am, Tanks to the Ocean will be doing a 45- minute live broadcast UNDERWATER from our Coral Restoration site in the Florida Keys! Check back to watch the video live here on April 8th:

The primary goal of our project is to replant Staghorn and Elkhorn corals in the Florida Keys for long term sustainability. We do this work by taking small coral fragments, growing them in open ocean and inside aquarium nurseries until they reach an appropriate size.  We then plant them on the reefs in the Florida Keys and monitor these corals over time to gauge sustainability. Our researchers are focused on better understanding the process of out planting, artificial insemination of corals, and how disease and other environmental stressors affect different genotypes of coral. Our partners in this initiative are the Coral Restoration Foundation and the University of Florida

Sean and Brooks Paxton of Think Out Loud Productions are producers of the Tanks to the Ocean series. For this live episode, they'll be implementing a number of technologies that will make it possible for viewers to join the adventure as researchers and educators carry out their important work on this project.

"Tanks to the Ocean" Webisode, Episode 1 - Sharks