Rescue & Rehabilitation


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    Engangered Sea Turtles

    Endangered sea turtles are often injured as a result of cold-strandings and other environmental disasters, as well as man-made injuries such as boat strikes or entanglement in nets and fishing line.

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    Orphaned River Otters

    The Center for Conservation receives many calls each year about injured otters and orphaned otter pups. Aquarium biologists have rehabilitated numerous pups since the opening of the aquarium, and with the opening of our new quarantine and medical holding area the aquarium will be able to take in even more in the future (up to 12 per season).


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    Saving Coral Reefs

    Coral reefs are the richest and most complex ecosystems of all marine environments. Today, reefs are threatened by dredging, ship grounding, pollution, illegal collecting, harsh weather events, disease and global warming. Research provides us with the knowledge needed to repopulate damaged or dying coral reefs for environmental restoration.