Meet Magellan!

What’s Black and White and Flat All Over?
Meet Magellan – a typical African Black Footed Penguin! Magellan came to live at The Florida Aquarium in 2007 with his brother Reef and sister Windy. What does a typical African Black Footed Penguin like to do? Magellan enjoys spending time with his family, taking a dip in the pool (he can hold his breath for up to 2 minutes!) and he loves eating sardines and anchovies. Yes, Magellan is a typical African Black Footed Penguin except for one small difference – he’s flat!  A very, VERY rare condition, Two-Dimension-itis, makes Magellan look different than his siblings, but it doesn’t impact his health.
Magellan had never met any other flat penguins – sometimes he wondered if he was the only one who was different? But during a visit to a local school, Magellan met boys and girls of all different ages, sizes and colors. Boys and girls who were all different…just like him! Magellan had to learn more! He started doing research, and realized that there is a whole world of different people and different experiences.
Since that day, Magellan has been determined to travel the world, learning about different cultures and teaching others about himself and his species!



Now you can help Magellan fulfill his dream of seeing the world!

Follow these simple steps to make Magellan's adventure unforgettable!


1) Pick up Magellan at The Florida Aquarium gift shop (Don't worry! Magellan doesn't charge anything for bringing him on your adventures...he is after all your guest!)


2) Start your adventure at The Florida Aquarium! Print out a map of Magellan's favorite things to see at the Aquarium and check them off as you go!

Print Magellan's Explorer's Map Here


3) Continue your adventure with Magellan outside the Aquarium but don't forget to bring his passport!

Print Magellan's Passport Here


4) Have fun and take plenty of pictures to share with your friends. Post your pictures on your Facebook page and be sure to "like" and tag Magellan's Facebook page (see below) so that everyone can see the amazing places he has traveled to! Different pictures will be highlighted on our website and social media every week!


Magellan! The Traveling Penguin 


Happy adventure seeking!!