The Friends of Narcissus

The Friends of USS Narcissus is an organization whose mission is to preserve and respectfully interpret the shipwreck of the USS Narcissus, a Civil War era steam tug, as the final resting place of her crew and as a vibrant and thriving ecosystem for the diving and non-diving public.  Housed at The Florida Aquarium, the group consists of civic and business leaders, members of the waterfront community, officials from the city, county, and state, and interested private citizens. The group’s primary responsibilities are to provide a communication hub for information about the site and to coordinate an on-going monitoring program on behalf of the State of Florida and the US Navy, reporting annually to the Naval History and Heritage Command. 

The USS Narcissus wreck site is part of Florida’s Underwater Archaeological Preserves.  The program depends on public participation to further awareness and preservation of submerged cultural resources. As destinations for heritage/recreational/ecological tourism, the Preserves combine public access, education through interpretation, and community stewardship to promote Florida’s maritime legacy. 


Find out more about the USS Narcissus here.

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