River Otter Rescue

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The Center for Conservation receives many calls each year about injured otters and orphaned otter pups. Aquarium biologists have rehabilitated numerous pups since the opening of the aquarium, and with the opening of our new quarantine and medical holding area, the aquarium will soon be able to take in even more in the future (up to 12 per season).


Incoming pups have parasites, fungal infections, upper respiratory infections, bite or talon wounds, are not weaned and can not swim!


Through our rehabilitation program, pups develop into healthy, swimming, feeding, full-grown otters. They are then sent to other AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) accredited zoos and aquaria with excellent facilities and successful breeding programs.


In addition to rehabilitation efforts, The Florida Aquarium is involved with captive breeding research which is poorly understood in captive otters. At this time, animals are still being taken out of the wild to supplement captive populations; it is the aquarium's goal to develop successful breeding programs to maintain captive populations sustainably, so these otters can serve as ambassadors to the public in encouraging otter habitat conservation through exhibits and educational programs.


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