Creating positive change for the environment

The Florida Aquarium actively participates in and promotes stewardship of the natural environment as part of our mission of conservation. Our efforts combine scientific research and animal rescue, rehabilitation and release programs that give needed support to animals in distress or imminent danger, and ecosystems that are faced with both natural and man-made threats. These efforts focus on many areas of conservation which include the propagation of corals in Florida's Keys, rescuing endangered sea turtles and threatened river otters, assisting with dolphin and manatee rescues, assessing stress levels in sharks, documenting underwater cultural assets (a.k.a. shipwrecks) and raising awareness of sustainable seafood issues.

Our Center for Conservation is a lead institute that utilizes the expertise of our talented and knowledgeable staff and volunteers who address the challenges that face Florida aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Our Center continuously contributes to field studies, assessing and advancing the health of Florida ecosystems, like coral reefs. A major component of the Center aims to educate the public on Florida's critical conservation issues through exhibits and programs at the Aquarium.

Through a unique cooperative partnership with the University of Florida the Center for Conservation is working to solve key conservation issues focusing on coral reefs, sea turtles, sharks and the ecosystems they depend upon.