Conservation is central to The Florida Aquarium's mission

  • Beautiful coral reefs are the rainforests of our oceans. The Aquarium is dedicated to preserving these endangered ecosystems, leading a pioneering coral restoration project with universities and research institutes. Our coral farms nurture fragments that are used to restore to wild reefs
  • In 2010, we saved a record number of sea turtles; nearly matching the total for all previous years combined. We released 96% of the turtles back into the wild after treatment. But sadly, we also had to turn away dozens of these endangered animals in need of help due to lack of space to care for them.
The ARC (Animal Rehabilitation Center), a state of the art veterinary and rehabilitation facility, will allow us to significantly increase our impact in conservation, including:
  • Expanded capacity for coral research
  • Rehabilitation systems for animals of all sizes
  • Veterinary stations
  • A laboratory
  • The ability to host groups for educational tours
  • Completely self-sustaining hydroponic farming systems