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“The area surrounding Tampa’s downtown port has come a long way from its days as La Draga, or “the dregs.” And for that, the city can thank a pioneer, The Florida Aquarium. The facility’s grand opening 16 years ago helped to launch a renaissance along the waterfront. And now it’s poised to do it again.” - declares a September St. Petersburg Times editorial.
Indeed, The Florida Aquarium contributes $56,000,000 to the region annually, has welcomed approximately 10,000,000 guests and more than 1,000,000 school children. With your help, The Florida Aquarium plans to bring 21st century technologies to our programs and the ability to double the number of school children we serve. Rising Tides seeks to continue and expand the success of The Florida Aquarium by our impact upon:


An Economic Engine for Tampa Bay


We Teach Florida's Teachers and Children


To learn more about opportunities please contact the Vice President of Development, Mark Haney