Director of Husbandry

Position Title: Director of Husbandry

Service Group: Biological Operations
Reports To: VP Biological Operations
Exemption Status: Salaried

Position Summary:

Candidates for consideration will be working as an integrated team member with director of animal health and director of dive operations. The position must have explemplary leadership and team building skills responsible for cultivating a team of biologist that will be focusing on animal behavior, innovative guest interactions, excellent animal care over a wide diversity of species both terrestrial and aquatic.  This position will be work closely with a multi discipline team of experts including research scientist, science divers, communication experts and educators both in the The Florida Aquarium Inc as well as in the field.  Responsibilities include collection development and daily management of all of aquatic & terrestrial species including mammals,  birds and herps animals at The Florida Aquarium Inc.

Will be responsible for: 

Researching, establishing and maintaining humane, respectful and environmentally responsible husbandry practices
Organizes, recruits, trains and manages a skilled team of biologists including supporting the daily operation of agalleries and ensuring that staff receive all required service training and opportunitiesfor professional growth,
Maintaining the highest level of quality as it relates to the aquarium’s public and exhibit image

People Management Responsibilities:

Staffing and development:
Includes hiring, firing, promotions, workload balancing, development and training
Evaluation and recognition:
Establishes performance goals, conducts periodic coaching reviews and evaluates performance and merit pay increases in recognition of contributions
Communicates The Florida Aquarium’s purpose, vision, mission and values to all group team members
Creates an atmosphere of team concepts, integrity, risk-taking, empowerment and trust among team members
Managing diversity:
Ensures the commitment to equal opportunity is demonstrated through the implementation of The Florida Aquarium’s equal opportunity/affirmative action programs
Utilizes the potential of all team members without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status

Essential Position Functions:

Works with the registrar to maintain complete and accurate records for the entire living collection
Works with the animal health staff to ensure the highest standards of animal health
Oversees the procurement of supplies, equipment and animal food
Develops, implements, and meets yearly budgets and maintains accurate accounting records
Works with cross-team exhibit planning and design
Works as a team with Life Support/Engineering in maintaining the highest water quality standards and life support systems for all exhibits
Works with Guest Services in providing a quality experience for guests, and a safe and comfortable work environment for staff through the continuous maintenance and improvement of visitor and behind-the-scenes spaces
Works with Education in the development and support of interpretive animal programs
Works with The Center for Conservation to develop and participate in ongoing projects and develop new ones that are relevant, goal-specific and in direct support of the aquarium’s mission
Works with horticulture to help maintain aquatic plant collection
Represents the aquarium at selected conferences and speaking engagements, gives media interviews, and writing papers for publication

Education Requirements and Technical Skills:

Minimum of 5 years experience in aquatic animal husbandry  with some experience or interest in small mammal, avian and help husbandry;  a minimum of 3 years experience in personnel management at a museum, zoo, aquarium or related field
Bachelors degree or Masters in marine sciences, biology, zoology or related fields desired including all phases of animal husbandry, education, and exhibit design/display is desired.
Thorough knowledge of the principles of zoology and/or aquatic biology including a thorough knowledge of the techniques of exhibiting aquatic, avian, and plant life.
Substantial, proven, experience in field work, specimen collection, and handling.  
Dive certification at the time of hire or within three months
Must have basic knowledge of marine pumping systems and filtration units.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Excel, Power Point, Access, Scheduler, Mail) 


Customer Service Orientation — Listening and understanding the customer (both internal and external) and anticipating and evaluating the customer’s needs; making the customer’s satisfaction a high priority in all areas of responsibility.
Teamwork — Supporting, facilitating, and participating in activities that promote team effectiveness; demonstrating sensitivity for the feelings and needs of team members and supporting team goals.
Communication (oral and written) — Effectively expressing ideas verbally and non-verbally and actively listening to individuals and groups; preparing and focusing presentations to the characteristics and needs of the audience; expressing ideas clearly and concisely in written form, through memoranda, letters, reports, and other documents.
Leadership (Individual) — Effective and appropriate use of interpersonal skills to motivate individuals toward the accomplishment of goals; co-creating and communicating in a clear vision through emphasis on the organization’s mission, individual and team goals, systems and rewards.
Professional/Technical Knowledge and Competency — Remains current on developments in the field within and outside the organization; maintains proficiencies
Analysis — Obtaining relevant information and identifying key issues and relationships from a base of information; comparing data from different sources (both interactive and written); defining underlying problems or opportunities and recognizing trends; defining and structuring functions and teams based on key strategies and goals. 
Planning and Organizing — Establishing a course of action with specific long-range goals for the aquarium; setting priorities among competing requirements and allocating resources in the most efficient and effective way; developing contingency plans that participate changes in the work environment. 

Typical Physical Requirements:

Sitting (4 hours per day)
Standing (4 hours per day)
Walking (4hours per day)
Bending/Stooping — Occasionally
Squatting — Occasionally
Climbing stairs —Frequently
Reaching above shoulders — Occasionally
Crouching — Occasionally
Kneeling — Occasionally
Pushing/Pulling — Occasionally
Carrying (up to 25 lbs.) — Occasionally
Lifting (up to 25 lbs.) — Occasionally
Working near moving machinery — Occasionally
Exposure to marked changes in temperature and humidity
Exposure to dust, fumes and gases
Typing on a computer keyboard
Viewing a computer screen for extended periods
Coping with demands (stresses that are associated with the job and/or the work environment so that acceptable levels of performance and overall contribution are maintained
Operating machinery and boats
Ability to travel (car) as needed — locally and/or nationally
Ability to travel (air) as needed
Ability to conduct field work in collection and research
Ability to maintain daily contact with a living collection of plants and animals
Daily contact with a living collection of plants and animals in a central Florida climate
Flexibility in working weekends, evenings, and holidays
Available for on-call emergencies
Rotational SCUBA diving as required
Ability to interact and be around wild animals 
Exposure to various plants and birds
Subject to bites, stings and scrapes