For the safety of our guests, The Splash Pad, our outdoor children's play area, is closed through spring 2017 as we complete construction of the Mosaic Center and enhancements to our outdoor plaza area. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Husbandry- Fish & Invertebartes Internship

The Florida Aquarium Husbandry internships offer a well-rounded, educational experience working with our Fish & Invertebrates team in our Biological Operations department.

Specialized internships are designed to provide valuable hands on experience in the care of specific animals and habitats at an AZA accredited, world class facility.

This internship is working with aquatic animals on the Fish and Invertebrate team. A percentage of this Internship will involve learning fish, invertebrate and elasmobranch care along with elasmobranch and fish training techniques.

 Other tasks may include:
- Assisting biologist with day to day duties and projects
- Keeping habitats and back areas clean
- Feed and diet prep
- Participating in talking to our guests along the exhibit path about our    animal collection 

This intern will complete and present a project comparing coral growth on Acropora cervicornis fragments exposed to different flow rates and suspension versus a fixed positioning. The Intern will also learn to assist with 2 to 3 stations for the 4.09 Elasmobranch Training Team. This will also include learning how to engage guests and answer any questions about how and why we teach our animals to go to different stations to feed.


  • Must be college sophomore or higher and up to 6 months post graduate with a GPA of 2.5/4.0.
  • Must be available to fulfill the requirement of 32 hours per week for the 10 week period.
  • Communication skills are essential
Willingness to assist in physical labor on a daily basis

Summer Interns all start on the same day: May 30, 2017

Note: All interns are required to commit to:
  • The duration of the internship is 10 weeks during which 1 project must be completed. 32 hours per week are required.


Ready to apply? Find out how on the main internship page here.

All internships are non-paid.