Marketing Manager

Position Title: Marketing Manager
Service Group: Marketing, Communications & Sales
Reports To: VP of Marketing, Communications & Sales
Exemption Status: Exempt

Position Summary
Responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of promotions, advertising and special events.  Works with the Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Sales in implementation of all marketing strategies, tactics, negotiations, programs and subsequent analysis of program effectiveness.  Responsible for marketing budget management.

Essential Position Functions
• Assists with all aspects of FLAQ’s advertising plans including creative development, production and media planning. 
• Assists with managing the advertising agency, providing them with strategic input and direction in all campaigns and media plans.
• Negotiates and manages promotional partnerships designed to gain exposure and support for FLAQ events and other marketing initiatives.  Works in conjunction with the Development team to secure promotional and restaurant sponsors for aquarium fundraising events where needed and appropriate.
• Oversees creation, planning and coordination of on premise promotions and events, ensuring accurate execution of branded promotions on behalf of sponsors and partners, including communications across all supporting departments, e.g. staff communications, venue operations, vendor partners, entertainment, etc.
• Creates and maintains internal and external relationships and programs with vendors, contractors, media, business partners, organizations and community leaders, and local personalities (media, sports, politics, etc.)
• Works closely with the Communications Manager, Digital Media Manager and Director of Sales to insure all PR, social media, membership and sales programs are aligned and integrated with marketing plans.
• Provides support and marketing planning for other departments including education, husbandry, marine operations and development to insure their marketing needs are met.
• Assists in utilizing input and insight from guest research, consumer reviews and visitor interactions to continually refine marketing plans.  Possess an understanding of the FLAQ visitor and target audience to know what drives brand awareness, image and demand.
• Manages all e-commerce development and execution
• Assists in the supervision of current advertising media accounts
• Coordinates advertisement placement and reconciliation
• Prepares, creates and formats various reports as required
• Insures all promotion and advertising agreements are timed and tracked with necessary back-up documentation
• Interacts with vendors, donors, members, applicants, guests and board members as required
• Becomes familiar with the Aquarium’s exhibits
• Ensures customers (external/internal) have been identified and their requirements are met
• Delivers extraordinary customer service to all aquarium guests and internal customers
• Embraces and lives by FLAQ’s Vision, Mission, and Values
• Other duties as required by Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Sales

Education Requirements and Technical Skills
• 4 Year degree required, prefereably in marketing or related discipline
• Minimum three years of marketing experience required.
• Aquarium/zoo, theme park, attraction or tourism experience preferred.
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Excel, Power Point, Access, Scheduler, Mail) is a plus

• Customer Service Orientation — Listening and understanding the customer (both internal and external) and anticipating and evaluating the customer’s needs; making the customer’s satisfaction a high priority in all areas on responsibility
• Teamwork — Supporting, facilitating, and participating in activities that promote team effectiveness; demonstrating sensitivity for the feelings and needs of team members and supporting team goals.
• Communication (oral and written) — Effectively expressing ideas verbally and non-verbally and actively listening to individuals and groups; preparing and focusing presentations to the characteristics and needs of the audience; expressing ideas clearly and concisely in written form, through memoranda, letters, reports, and other documents.
• Planning and Organizing — Establishing a course of action with specific long-range goals for the aquarium; setting priorities among competing requirements and allocating resources in the most efficient and effective way; developing contingency plans that participate changes in the work environment.
• Integrity/Trust — Maintaining social, ethical, and organizational values and norms; building trust and confidence with the staff and with internal and external customers; respecting the confidentiality of personal and proprietary information.
• Follow-up — Institutes methods for monitoring people and projects
• Initiative — Taking actions to achieve goals; self-starting and proactive; asserting oneself to support others in the achievement of their goals; originating action rather than responding only to the actions of others; anticipating the needs of both internal and external constituencies.

Typical Physical Requirements
• Sitting (6 hours per day)
• Standing (1hour per day)
• Walking (1 hour per day)
• Bending/Stooping — Occasionally
• Squatting — Occasionally
• Climbing stairs — Occasionally
• Reaching above shoulders — Occasionally
• Kneeling — Occasionally  
• Carrying (up to 25 lbs.) — Occasionally
• Lifting (up to 25 lbs.) — Occasionally
• Using hands for repetitive movements — Both
• Typing on a computer keyboard
• Viewing a computer screen for extended periods
• Excellent vision for proofing and detail work
• Coping with demands (stresses that are associated with the job and/or the work environment so that acceptable levels of performance and overall contribution are maintained
• More than normal talking
• More than normal talking on telephone
• Ability to travel (car) as needed — locally and/or nationally
• Ability to travel (air) as needed
• Flexibility in working weekends, evenings and holidays