Full-Time/Part-Time Dive Master/Captain

Position Title:                   Full-time/Part-Time Divemaster/Captain
Service Group:                 Marine Operations
Reports To:                       Marine Ops Senior
Exemption Status:           Non-exempt

Position Summary
Florida Aquarium Divemaster/Captains are responsible for executing all aspects of Marine Operations Guest Experiences and off-site work for the Florida Aquarium.  Guest Experience programs provide a dynamic opportunity to inspire our guest by providing them in-and on-water experiences.  Team members execute daily dive shows, Guest Dive Experiences, Bay Sprit II tours and off-site excursions, working in conjunction with members of other departments to connect our guest to our mission.   Team members also support our exhibit maintenance program, as well as support scientific diving/boating in the field.  A Captain with the Marine Operations Department must fill roles as the captain and crew of the Bay Spirit II and the Miss Bee Gee in both Tampa Bay and offshore waters.  Bay Spirit II captains Captains are USCG Master licensed operators who are responsible for maintaining and safely operating the Bay Spirit II for all public and private charters, and are responsible for the safety of up to 149 passengers and 10 crew members on any tour.  Captains are also able to support operating the Miss Bee Gee for field operations in Tampa Bay and offshore waters.   All Florida Aquarium programs are conducted to ensure that all programming presented is safe, engaging, innovative, and effective, as determined by annual evaluation and in direct support of the mission of The Florida Aquarium.
Essential Position Functions
  • Support as the daily supervisor, ensuring consistency of programs across the department
  • Support the volunteer supervision as needed
  • Support gear maintenance as required
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Good presentation and public speaking skills
  • Familiar with the Aquarium’s mission, vision, and values and ability to communicate them to our guests
  • May represent the Aquarium at community outreach and media events
  • Completion of daily Marine Operation tasks (closing tasks, filling tanks, laundry, Bay Spirit II housekeeping duties, etc.)
  • Maintain daily logs and other record keeping
  • Safely operate a 72 ft. USCG inspected passenger vessel in compliance with the USCG, NMFS, and NOAA Dolphin SMART guidelines and regulations.
  • Ability to safely master and operate small boats both in Tampa Bay and offshore waters for research, diving, and field operations, including maneuvering and docking all vessels in most weather conditions (including inclement weather), knowledge of weather forecasting and predicting pertaining to safety of the passengers and guests and running tours.
  • Correct knowledge of proper line handling and knot tying pertaining to how and where we dock both vessels.
  • Conduct daily public dive and boat programs, acting as diver, safety, tender, boat crew, and program greeter
  • Act as divemaster and/or captain and support for off-site guest dive experiences
  • Deliver extraordinary customer service to all aquarium guests by incorporating the aquarium’s conservation efforts into all guest programs, connecting the guests to our mission Perform routine exhibit maintenance
  • Act as kayak guide for off-site kayak excursions
  • Support scientific diving for off-site research projects as needed
  • May serve as dive trainers for internal training programs

Mechanical Knowledge:
  • Ability to troubleshoot any mechanical problems and to find an appropriate solution based on the current circumstances.
  • Assist in routine maintenance for inboard and outboard engines as needed
  • Assist in maintaining accurate log systems, both on paper kept on board and in Excel files on the computer, for all engine work performed as needed
  • Assist with dive gear maintenance

Project Execution – Supporting the Marine Operations Leadership Team in completion of assigned projects in a timely manner, with little to no supervision

Safety – Ensure all dive programs are conducted in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Florida Aquarium’s Dive Safety Manual, AAUS, AZA, OSHA and all other governing agencies and report any unsafe conditions

Other duties as assigned by seniors or managers

Education Requirements and Technical Skills
  • USCG OUPV 6-pack License or higher, Master 50-ton preferred
  • Divemaster or equivalent from a nationally recognized SCUBA training organization, Instructor Certification preferred
  • Small boating experience, either as captain or crew preferred (MOCC qualification a plus)
  • Current certification in First Aid, CPR and Oxygen administration preferred
  • Past experience in operation of excursion vessels for public
  • Ability to maintain status a random drug consortium
  • Ability to use good judgment making skills for diving safety decisions (weather, animal behavior, etc.)
  • General engine maintenance experience a plus
  • Handicapped buddy diver or instructor experience a plus
  • Familiarity with Tampa Bay waters a plus
  • Desire to expand knowledge, skills, and abilities in all aspects of marine operations
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, etc.) a plus

Core Competencies
  • Customer Focus – Demonstrates courtesy, cooperation, and friendliness with staff, volunteers, and customers.  Actively listens, anticipates and evaluates the customer’s needs. Ensures that customer satisfaction is a priority in all areas of responsibility.  Actively engages our customers while fulfilling job responsibilities.
  • Business Focus – Strives to positively affect organizational success in completion of job requirements, manages resources effectively, and takes positive actions to enhance the Guest experience.  Recognizes how their own performance and contributions impact departmental and organizational goals, strategies and results.  Keeps FLAQ business and Customer’s well-being at the forefront of day-to-day focus.
  • Planning/Decision Making – Establishes a course of action with specific goals and objectives in mind.  Allocates resources and sets priorities in the most efficient and effective way while respecting our collection and environment with high ethics and standards.  Demonstrates the ability to make the best informed decisions considering alternatives and available information.  Develops contingency plans anticipating needs and changes in the work environment while seeking win-win solutions.
  • Reliability/Accountability – Demonstrates the ability to complete tasks punctually, meet deadlines and follow through on commitments.  Provides consistent and timely work free of errors and omissions.  Demonstrates good time management skills by using time effectively and efficiently.  Arrives at work and meetings on time.  Takes responsibility for actions and behavior and learns from experiences.
  • Problem Solving/Judgment – Provides realistic solutions in a timely manner based on consideration of alternatives and consequences.  Demonstrates ability to evaluate alternatives and make judgments based on facts and the best interest of the organization.  Demonstrates the courage to innovate and change when appropriate.
  • Interpersonal Skills/Teamwork – Demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively within a team and across departments for organizational success.  Demonstrates a positive attitude and initiative, seeks to understand before being understood.  Fosters a positive, supportive and encouraging work environment.  Demonstrates respect for other’s opinions, trusts in their abilities and recognizes their contributions.
  • Initiative – Demonstrates the ability to proactively seek opportunities and solutions to challenges.  Demonstrates self- motivation in completing job requirements and consistently strives to improve performance.  Initiates new ideas by challenging the status quo to find new ways to do things better.  Asks questions and seeks guidance when needed.
  • Professionalism – Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times, and takes accountability for their actions.  Maintains composure, objectivity and a professional manner at all times.  Complies with FLAQ’s Policies and Procedures.  Behaves consistently with the values of the organization and acts as a role model.
  • Communication – Effectively expresses ideas and ensures spoken or written communications are complete, clear and understandable.  Actively listens and openly communicates with others.  Ensures information is conveyed in a timely and appropriate manner.  Encourages others to express their views.  Positively accepts feedback and offers constructive feedback to others.
  • Leadership (Non-Supervisory) – Demonstrates leadership by enhancing the wellbeing of fellow team members.  Acts as a key player on the team who is looked to for guidance.  Requires little supervision, stays on task and independently completes more than assigned.  Assumes a leadership role when action is required and influences other employees to perform at their best.  Helps build and maintain positive relationships.  Shows open-mindedness and flexibility.

Typical Physical Requirements
  • Sitting, standing, walking – at least 4 hours per day
  • Bending/stooping, climbing ladders – frequently
  • Kneeling/squatting, reaching above shoulders – occasionally
  • Carrying/lifting up to 50 lbs.
  • Coping with demands (stresses that are associated with the job and/or the work environment) so that acceptable levels of performance and overall contribution are maintained.
  • Should be able to climb and descend ladders quickly
  • Daily contact with a living collection of plants and animals in a central Florida climate
  • Ability to travel (car, boat, plane, truck) as needed — locally and/or nationally
  • Exposure to blood borne pathogens
  • Subject to bites, stings, scrapes and exposure to various plants, animals and birds
  • Flexibility in working weekends, evenings and holidays

Special Working Conditions
  • Will be enrolled in the mariner consortium upon hire, per Coast Guard regulations and as such are subject to random drug screenings
  • This position could be asked to travel for overnight scientific diving projects
  • Working conditions include working in outdoor weather conditions, a non-stable environment (i.e. pitching, heaving, and rolling decks), noisy environment, hot and confined spaces, exposure to toxic/caustic substances and fumes, as well as moving, lifting, and carrying heavy objects.