Facility Painter / Finish Specialist

Position Title:            Facility Painter / Finish Specialist
Service Group:          Engineering Department / Design and Engineering Division
Reports To:                Engineering Manager
Exemption Status:    Non-Exempt
Position Summary
Responsible for painting walls, buildings, and other structural surfaces, as well as install / maintain finishes on Walls, Floors, and Ceilings. May be asked to assist other crafts in the maintenance department to ensure a safe and efficient facility

Essential Position Functions
  • Gather and prepare necessary tools and items to complete assigned tasks
  • Selects premixed paints, or mixes required portions of pigment, oil, and thinning and drying substances to prepare paint that matches specified colors
  • Create and maintain painting documentation
  • Spreads drop cloths over floors and room furnishings, and covers surfaces, such as baseboards, doorframes, and windows with masking tape and paper to protect surfaces during painting
  • Erects scaffolding or sets up ladders to perform tasks about ground level
  • Smooths surfaces, using sandpaper, brushes, or steel wool, and removes old paint from surfaces, using paint remover, scraper, wire brush, or blowtorch to prepare surfaces for painting.
  • Remove fixtures such as pictures, door knobs, lamps, or electric switch covers prior to painting
  • Applies coats of paint, varnish, stain, enamel, or lacquer to decorate and protect interior or exterior surfaces, trimmings, and fixtures of buildings, other structures, and/or equipment
  • Apply paint to prepared surface by brushing, rolling, spraying, electrostatic application, etc.
  • Clean paint area by picking up used tarps, scraping, removing tape, cleaning used brushes, cleaning spills, resealing paint cans and cleaning paint buckets
  • Install and maintain flooring/base systems such as carpet, vinyl, tile, rubber, and other specialty materials/finishes.
  • Install and maintain wall systems such as drywall, paneling, tile, and other specialty materials/finishes.
  • Installs and maintains any other specialty finish systems throughout facility.
  • Researches, designs, selects, orders, installs, and maintain all finishes as appropriate – FOH / BOH.
  • Maintains inventory of supplies and equipment necessary for normal operations
  • Evaluates, orders and handles materials needed
  • Assists other crafts (pipe fitters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.) as needed to complete projects
  • Delivers extraordinary customer service to all aquarium guests and internal customers

Education Requirements and Technical Skills
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • 5 years of experience

  • Customer Service Orientation — Listening and understanding the customer (both internal and external) and anticipating and evaluating the customer’s needs; making the customer’s satisfaction a high priority in all areas of responsibility.
  • Teamwork — Supporting, facilitating, and participating in activities that promote team effectiveness; demonstrating sensitivity for the feelings and needs of team members and supporting team goals.
  • Professional/Technical Knowledge— Remains current on developments in the field within and outside the organization; maintains proficiencies
  • Work Standards — Applies high performance standards to all work-related activities
  • Planning and Organizing — Establishing a course of action with specific long-range goals for the aquarium; setting priorities among competing requirements and allocating resources in the most efficient and effective way; developing contingency plans that anticipate changes in the work environment.
  • Information Gathering and Monitoring — Effectively collects relevant data using questioning or research techniques to monitor and manage projects and people
  • Quality — Upholding standards beyond what is required; inspiring staff to maintain and initiate high standards of excellence in their work efforts.

Typical Physical Requirements
  • Typing on a computer keyboard
  • Sitting
  • Stooping
  • Lifting (no more than 50 pounds)
  • Standing
  • Coping with demands (stressors) that are associated with the job and/or the work environment so that acceptable levels of performance and overall contribution are maintained
  • Weekend and holiday work
  • On call for emergencies
  • Outdoor duties in a central Florida environment