We are excited to announce that The Splash Pad, our outdoor children's wet and dry play area, will open on Friday, June 16th! We apologize for any inconvenience as we complete this awesome combination of downtime and playtime experiences. Click here to learn more.


Immerse yourself to become part of the exhibit!


Swim with the Fishes

Swim with the Fishes is an in-water reef experience that gives guests who are age 6 and older a unique adventure above a replica of the Dry Tortugas, one of the Florida Keys' most beautiful coral reef dive sites! SCUBA certification not required for this aquatic adventure.

Shark Swim

Become a part of the Aquarium's largest exhibit! Swim alongside more than 1,600 fish including sting rays, barracudas, sea turtles, and sand tiger sharks! Shark Swim is an in-water reef experience that gives guests 9 and older a truly unique aquatic adventure. SCUBA Certification is not required for this aquatic adventure.


Dive with the Sharks

Dive with the Sharks provides a very unique underwater experience for certified divers who are age 15 or older. Come face to face with the Aquarium's Sand Tiger Sharks! Take the plunge into the Aquarium's largest exhibit in warm, clear water teeming with sharks, moray eels, barracuda, a Green sea turtle and much more! All gear (and sharks) are included with this amazing experience!