Interactive Touch Experiences

The only thing better than viewing real ocean animals up close? Being able to touch them, of course! We are now offering a whole new element to your aquarium experience where you are able to learn about and interact with our friendly creatures.

Stingray Beach

stingray beach florida aquarium

Our newest exhibit allows guests to stroll on the iconic boardwalk and touch a variety of different species of stingrays and sharks. We are housing quite a variety including White Spotted Bamboo Sharks, Coral Catsharks, Southern Rays and Blue Spotted Ray, just to name a few. Listen to a presentation about these creatures and come meet all ten different pet-able species! 

Horseshoe Crab Lagoon

interactive touch pool florida aquarium

Excitement awaits you from the very first floor! We have recently welcomed our horseshoe crabs to the aquarium and they are happy to be here. They share a home with whelk, urchins and snails, making for a lively living space that you are invited to be a part of!


No Bones Zone

no bone zone starfish florida aquarium

Between mollusks, sea cucumbers and anemones, you will surely have your hands full— of slimy creatures! The No Bone Zone is full of colorful, touchable animals such as sea stars, sea urchins and much more. They are so excited to sea you!