Bays and Beaches

After leaving the fresh waters of Wetlands behind, come explore the near shore brackish and salty waters in the Bays and Beaches Gallery. From lush sea grass beds to sandy beaches, these waters are home to some unusual creatures. You can watch a video on sea turtle nesting while kids climb on sea turtle replicas and crawl into a sea turtle egg! Don't miss the stingray feedings daily in the beaches exhibit.


Perhaps the Aquarium's largest fish! This Goliath grouper is more than 300-pounds but can still be missed as he often blends in with his environment like a great motionless statue! See black drum fish and tripletail, too.


At the Beaches exhibit, don't miss this amazing cross section of a typical Florida beach! Ever wonder what was making the water swirl during your last trip to the beach? See stingrays, royal tern, a juvenile green sea turtle and more in this beautiful exhibit. This cross section view of a barrier beach shows life above and below the sandy shores.