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11/8/2015 12:33:55 PM
Wedding Tails: Hilary and Josh's Wedding at The Florida Aquarium

While planning a wedding hundreds of miles away, destination couple Hilary and Josh searched for a Tampa wedding venue with excellent service and support.

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11/5/2015 9:31:54 AM
New River Otter at The Florida Aquarium

We recently welcomed a new North American River Otter to our Aquarium family. "The Kraken" or T.K. is now on exhibt along our Florida Wetlands Trail

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10/9/2015 12:57:40 PM
Swallow-Tailed Kite, 'Bullfrog,' Satellite Tagged For Migratory Research

Earlier this year, The Florida Aquarium partnered with the Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI) to help support Swallow-tailed Kite research. Backed by dedicated Aquarium staff, friends, and the community, we raised more than $4,000 for a GPS transmitter for ARCI’s satellite-tracking study to observe Swallow-tailed Kite migration patterns.

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10/1/2015 10:38:27 AM
Five Reasons You Don't Want to Miss Brews By The Bay

There’s no doubt, this seven-year tradition is one of my favorites in the Tampa Bay area! Whether, it’s your first year or your seventh, each year brings new surprises, more local food samplings and most of all, the chance to try unique beers from all over the world! If you’re on the fence about if you should go or not, I’ve put together my “five reasons you don’t want to miss Brews By The Bay” this year to help you decide.

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9/29/2015 11:11:35 AM
Wedding Tails: Sam and Matt

It was a lovely wedding at The Florida Aquarium for Sam and Matt. Sam grew up in Tampa, and Matt, who is originally from Indiana, moved to Florida when he was young, so having a Tampa wedding was important to them.



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9/10/2015 3:22:57 PM
Camp at The Florida Aquarium

We’re excited to have had our busiest camp summer ever this year during our 20th anniversary celebration with more than 1,000 campers taking part in an immersive and entertaining learning experience—both at the Aquarium and around the state.

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8/26/2015 11:35:05 AM
Annual Coral Spawn in the Florida Keys

Earlier this month, an awe-inspiring occurrence of the natural environment took place in Key Largo, Florida. Just off the coast, 30 feet below the surface, staghorn corals in a one-acre, human-made coral nursery began spawning on a moonlit night, August 5th. 

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7/8/2015 11:16:18 AM
Fear not, sharks are friends - not foes!

Shark Week has arrived, but don’t worry there’s no need to cue the soundtrack to the movie Jaws! Sharks are something to be celebrated, not feared – just respected.

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6/29/2015 8:19:16 AM
Wedding Tails: Gabby and David's Wedding at The Florida Aquarium

Gabby and David's destination wedding at The Florida Aquarium.

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6/8/2015 11:19:59 AM
World Oceans Day Celebration at The Florida Aquarium

This past weekend, The Florida Aquarium celebrated World Oceans Day with special activities and programs to help spread awareness of the critical role our oceans have around the globe, and to educate about the amazing animals that live in it.

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